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Friday, December 12, 2003

So. A good day and a frustrating day. On the frustrating side of things, I discovered that because of a teller error the bank tried to withdraw my rent cheque from my account twice. I had enough money for one, but not two, and so the cheque bounced. Lovely. So I spent a good hour at the bank trying to A) transfer the rent money ASAP and B) talking to a "financial advisor" to try and get the whole mess sorted out.

I brought him the documentation and said, "Hey, this one cheque was withdrawn from my account twice, which is why it bounced." He argued with me. He went over my story numerous times. He rebooted his computer. He left for a while. He looked up information in others' accounts. He looked at the documentation again.

"The problem," he said at last, "is that this cheque was withdrawn from your account twice."

Oh. Really. You don't say. Glad it took you so very, very long to figure that out.

Unfortunately, though, there are a few more complications to this story, a few more things to be sorted out, and so it looks like I'm going to be on the phone with a bank in Ottawa bright and early tomorrow morning. Long distance charges--hooray!

And my computer has frozen up to dump physical memory and shut itself down twice. Which was entertaining, to be sure.

On the good side of things, I've managed to write my exam, so except for a little proof-reading that bit is done, done, done. I'll take a trip to York to drop it off sometime this weekend, and that's one more thing that I don't need to think about for another three weeks. And I have cupcakes! They are the best cupcakes I have ever tasted--the best cupcakes I've ever made, without a doubt.

"They have so many layers of flavour," I said to Carly with my mouth overflowing with cupcake. "There's the sweet layer, and the sugary layer, and the cakey layer ..."

And I'm listening to Christmas music. Or, really, I'm listening to the Mediaeval Baebes, which sounds like Christmas to me. Thinking about it, that's likely because I first found out about this group in December, and listened to their songs obsessively while wrapping presents. Now they sound like Christmas to me.

Tomorrow: shopping! I'm off to the Eaton's Centre, I think, to get presents for Aunts and Uncles and cousins, and then probably to the World's Biggest Bookstore to get the books I couldn't find anywhere else. It makes me sad that the World's Biggest has become a Chapters. I love the World's Biggest. Chapters is an incarnation of evil. What's a girl to do? Ah, these are the moral dilemmas that I must face. At least I have cupcakes to help see me through.

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