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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
Here again, here again

Returned home yesterday late in the evening after taking my car in to the Nissan dealership for servicing. It seems that the former owner had neglected servicing for a while before selling the car, meaning that there were quite a few things on the "must replace" list. Oh, I said. So now Siro has new drive belts and new transmission fluid and all sorts of other good and lovely things that make her drive ever so much better, and I am feeling faint at the very sight of the bill. But rather deal with the cost of upkeep than the cost of replacing the engine because a drive belt went and caused serious damage, so...

There was no snow in Toronto when I returned, either. This is strange, because in Palgrave there is snow, snow and more snow. Drifts up to my knees in some places. Drive for 45 minutes to the city and everything is green lawn and wet pavement. But I think the snow is following me because at my cottage, where there is also no snow, it started snowing shortly after I arrived, and I woke up this morning to see flakes twirling down.

I also found that, of course, my email was bouncing. I either need to be ruthless in deleting old emails (sentimental me? Ruthless? Ha!) or buy myself a bigger inbox. Something. Course the real problem was that I received one attachment that was far, far too big for my 91% full inbox to handle at once, and while I could give someone (M'ris) a hard time about it, I won't, because it was actually something I was happy to receive, namely a copy of the long anticipated Why I Hate Aliens anthology. Woohoo! It's up on the publisher's site too, so go see!

In other news, my carpy arms are feeling much, much better thanks to three days of total rest, and I just had a shower in cold water. Not by choice, let me tell you. Oh, and I left my gloves at New House--in the van, to be specific. This is bad, because my hands are cold at the best of times, and "best" right now means -5. Happy December. Snow, cold, mutter, mutter.

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