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Monday, December 15, 2003
How to Decorate for Christmas, Volume 1

Okay, so M'ris is the Christmas Carol Queen, and Sarah is the Christmas Nazi (though really, Sarah, that one's not so cheerful), but I do not have a proper Christmas title. I am solely responsible for my family's Christmas decorations, inside and outside, as well as all Christmas cookies and other festive baked treats. But still, no title.

Part of my problem, I think, is that I'm not terribly good at any of these things. (Well, the cookies always turn out nicely, but the actual making/baking is something of a production.) In fact, my decorating is so off-beat that people have begun to get wary when I decorate. Not that they complain about the results--I don't let them!--but I think my cackling seems to be somewhat unnerving. (I can't help it--I'm amused by placing sparkly pinecones inside my mother's vases and setting the Polyresin Snowman next to the soapstone carving.)

New House is posing a few more complications than I'm used to, but I'm always up to the challenge. If I were ever to write a book on how to decorate for this festive season, it could now include chapters such as How to Decorate Every Single Houseplant You Can Find, 41 Inventive Uses for Leftover Mardi Gras Beads--Christmas Style!, and How to Use Exposed Wiring for Festive Fun. And I haven't even started putting up lights or the tree ...

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