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Friday, December 05, 2003
I was supposed to go to a party this evening, but as is clearly evident by my typing this, I didn't go. Can't say exactly why, other than I just really didn't feel like it. Lots of little things have built up, including a headache, an infection that has made me feel like I've been poked in the eye with a stick for the last two days, and a general anti-social vibe. Doesn't help that I was kept awake for hours last night, had a thoroughly rotten sleep and woke up irritable. "Irritiable" should probably be written in all caps and italicized to be a little closer to the truth.

Managed to write about 500 words yesterday, but they are clearly the wrong words and so they're gone. Should write more--must write more if I'm to have any chance in hell at getting this done in time--but I sort of feel like moping instead. Very productive.

(Oh, look, are those worms? I think I'll eat some.)

On a better note, though, I have spent a lot of time reading recently, and so can now cross three books off the list of eight books that I absolutely have to read during the next couple of weeks. I also went out on a tiny shopping trip, and though I didn't buy any gifts I did buy the potential for a gift, which is almost as good (if somewhat more cryptic).

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