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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Sans Willpower

Okay, so of course I've already watched the first episode of Eco-Challenge Australia. I mean, it's me. It's the Eco-Challenge. And what else do I have to do other than read a stack of books and write a final exam? Come on.

But wow, it's fantastic. It's the first real Eco-Challenge -- they've reduced the number of people per team to four, and it's more of an international event. But there's so much craziness, too. Eco-Internet's there, and when they were taken from five team members to four, it was Ian Adamson who got kicked off. This is the guy who's leading Eco-Internet now. So Ian went and joined the Australian team with Jane Hall (of "Come on, you fucker!" fame). And John Howard is on Eco-Internet. Unbelievable.

Does anyone here know what I'm talking about? No? Thought not.

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