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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Using this computer is becoming progressively more ... interesting. I had to fiddle around with it for about a half an hour today before I could get anything to work properly--opening programs, closing programs, forcing programs to close, dealing with countless error messages and restarting, all while listening to churning-clickity-click-CLACK! Even if this computer lasts forever, I'm soon going to have to stop using it to avoid hearing damage.

But, that's okay, since I doubt there will be too much computer time for me over the next week. I still have some more shopping to do, and shopping to do for others (because I am a good and loving daughter, and am the only one in the family who has the time and low enough stress levels at the moment to be able to handle malls), so I know what I'm doing Thursday and Friday. Tonight--Return of the King! Bought my ticket Friday, having learned from experience that if you want to get your tickets the day of the show you're crazy and will be disappointed. Sarah, who won tickets for the Toronto Premier and so has already seen ROTK, warned me to bring kleenex. Lots and lots of kleenex. I just can't wait to have my bag searched (yeah, video cameras my ass--they're really checking to make sure you're not smuggling in a bag of microwave popcorn) only to reveal piles upon piles of kleenex.

My writing-brain, however, is pretty irritated that I'll be spending all my time for the next while shopping, baking, decorating, wrapping, unwrapping and generally being sociable with my relatives. Seems that all the writing to deadlines that I did over the last little while has kicked my writing-brain into overdrive. It's been pestering me for a while: "Ooh, look, Karina. Look at all these good stories we can write together. Go sit at the computer, yes, yessss, very goooood."

Problem is, now that I have all these lovely-good story ideas clamouring for my attention, classwork (yes, that stuff I'm currently avoiding) is looking less and less attractive. A whole semester still to go? Even though the idea of graduating and no longer being a student--at least for a time--is still somewhat unnerving, another part of me is already saying, "Aren't I done with this yet?"

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