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Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year, everyone. 2003 was an unstable year for me, but a good one, and now it's gone. Contrary to form, that's about as deep a retrospective as I feel like doing at the moment.

I surprised even myself by actually doing something for New Year's Eve. When it ended up being too late to drive into Toronto to do anything, I expected to lounge around here for the evening, watching Eco-Challenge and Ranma and TV countdowns. But, rather last minute, I decided to go with my family to the dinner-and-entertainment thing going on at a local pub, and had a surprisingly good time.

Much of my entertainment came from requesting strange songs throughout the evening. Due to the incredibly varied group at this gathering, the DJs were having a heck of a time balancing all the songs that people wanted to hear, hindered by what appeared to be a rather small collection of available material. We had a lot of oldies mixed with some Faith Hill and Bryan Adams and Spirit of the West. My running joke for the evening became, "They're going to play me the Dr. Who theme song next, I'm sure of it this time!"

Well, at least I got the Don McLean version of "American Pie," and had much fun singing along to Boney M's "Rivers of Babylon." They must have played Dr. Who after I left.

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