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Wednesday, January 07, 2004
The Devil, In Various Incarnations

I just got back from the bank. Please note, the bank is not far away from me--about a ten, fifteen minute walk at the very most. It's right next to the subway station, and we all know how I blather on about how conveniently close that is, so. Anyway. Just got back from the bank, and the wind out there is the devil. Absolutely 100% Devil. According to the ever-trustworthy CablePulse24, it's currently -8 degrees out there with a wind chill of -18. Trust me, it feels colder.

Well, at least I got that bill paid, and I will avoid panicking by simply not discussing the state of my bank account. And, really, anything that will keep me from going back to writing presentations is a good thing.

Okay, what is she doing up there? The new woman who lives upstairs, the one who replaced Stompy, is having a loud day today. Right now she seems to be bouncing some sort of gigantic ball on the floor above my head. Repeatedly. Course, I'm liable to be irritated at Not-Stompy right now, because she wants to take my parking space. Carly and I got a message from the landlady yesterday saying basically, "Hi, the woman who has moved in upstairs has two cars, and so she'll be parking in one of your spots. Please accomodate this situation. Bye." Hmm, let's see. Carly and I are two people, with two parking spots and two cars. She is one person who has access to half of the garage and half of the main driveway (her side can fit two cars, end to end). And there's no way that I can fit Siro next to Carly's car--maybe it's physically possible, but I can't make that kind of turn off of the very steep lane into the narrow driveway in the winter in the ice. Not and avoid scraping the side of my car on the low rock walls. So. I'm not moving. What does one woman need with two cars, anyway? She can only drive one at a time, after all.

Anyway, what I was going to say before she distracted me is that I'm having some difficulty concentrating these days. Part of it is the cold, which has made my head ache and my eyes hurt and water so much that I have great difficulty looking at the computer screen for any stretch of time. And part of it is that I simply don't care anymore. I've hit that point where I just don't want to do this anymore. Not the classes, not the books, not the presentations, not the essays, not any of it. Usually I hit a point like this in mid-March; I think the thing now is that I'm so close to being done. I've made my appointment to have my grad photos taken, and am having to make post-April plans, post-student plans. And I just want to be done with it all already.

Ah, well. 12 weeks is not a long time. I can do this. Focus, breathe, and plow through.

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