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Friday, January 09, 2004
O Canada

Yesterday, about mid-way through my afternoon class, my knees and ankles started to ache in that unique way that means Bad Weather is Coming. As the hours passed, the pain got worse, to the point that I had to take Advil on the bus ride home (which is really rare for weather aches). I literally limped home from the subway station.

"Well," I said upon returning home, "something's moving in." I checked CP24 and found out the details. Today, the high is -15. The high. And there's a windchill of -35. Remember how I said that Wednesday's wind was the devil? I was wrong. This is the devil.

And, of course, I have plans to go out tonight, and after a week of being in here, sick, I want to go somewhere. Maybe I'm crazy to go out in this weather. Okay, no, wait, rephrase that: I am crazy to go out in this weather. So here I go!

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