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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Report from the Fort

Jury's still out on the sick thing. I am feeling wonky, let's put it that way, and hope it gets no worse. The weather, of course, is going downhill rapidly. It's something like -13 outside again, and snowing, and windy, and tomorrow's supposed to be sunny but a high of -20. This is officially insanity.

What makes it worse is that the radiator in the kitchen/front door area of the apartment does not appear to be working very well. And the large windows of this apartment, which are ever-so-lovely in the summer, are now just letting the heat escape at a rather frightening speed. So we've put up sheets over the windows, and, in desperation, a sheet to block the kitchen area from the living room. (The kitchen is currently only 15 degrees, a good seven degrees colder than anything a normal person would consider "room temperature".) Carly has likened the appearance of our apartment to a play fort, and I must admit she's right. All I need now are a few couch cushions, a toy sword and maybe some Lego and I'll suddenly be eight again.

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