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Monday, January 12, 2004

The devil seems to have taken some pity on me and the rest of the city: the weather today has been gorgeous. It's only a few degrees below freezing, and at least around the apartment there is no wind. I woke up this morning to see fresh, white snow everywhere, on every branch, with more drifting slowly down. I went outside to check on my car, and everything was still and cool and clean. Beautiful. I would have loved to go for a run this afternoon, as I did yesterday afternoon, but my running shoes have zero traction in any sort of snow or slush, no matter how beautiful. Still, lovely.

Speaking of running, since it's been so difficult for me to go out running in the winter (due to the aforementioned shoe problem and the fact that cold weather and exercise usually equal an instant asthma attack) I've been searching for a good local pool. I think I've found one, too, and rumour says that it's Olympic size, which would be perfect. I have plans for this coming summer, and though the summer's still months away the plans require that I get much fitter than I am in pretty short order. So. Yet more luck and crossed fingers requested.

My only problem now is that the plans have interested me to such a degree that I've been worrying about that rather than, oh, say the essays that are due in a matter of days and the stack of books I'm supposed to read for class. "Focus!" I tell myself. "Focus!"

(To which I inevitably reply, "Focus, ha. You really do get funnier with age, darling. ... Say, don't we have an Eco-Challenge to watch?")

Ooh ... Eco-Challenge. My preciousssss ...

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