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Sunday, January 04, 2004
Well, either the cold decided to give me a week of rest before returning stronger than ever, or I've picked up a new one. Just in time for classes to start, too... Now I'm facing the bus, the returning cold weather, class, as well as an essay to write and two presentations to prepare and give all with this lovely head cold. Well, serves me right for not doing it earlier.

But, though I've spent a good lot of time over the last day or so curled up in bed, or curled up in a chair, or generally curled up, I've tried to get things done. I'm back in Toronto, with all the packing and driving and whatnot that that entails. I baked four banana breads, and wired in a new car stereo. I also tried to plow through a bit more book, but last time it literally put me to sleep. (Maybe a good thing, seeing how long I slept.)

And, much to my delight, my father managed to get the laptop up and working for long enough to get all but two of my files off of it and onto new computer. So I have everything I need, no worries about losing important documents or stories or anything! (So I can stop mourning my lost story submission spreadsheet, because it's fine. Whew.)

Also in the good news category, friend, Clarion classmate and fellow Torontonian Genevieve Kierans has put up a gorgeous new website, complete with blog. (And Happy Birthday, Gen!)

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