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Monday, February 09, 2004

I had a few plans for this weekend, most of which involved me catching up on my much-neglected email, mucking with the template for this blog, writing assignments for this coming week and doing a lot of reading. The Universe had other ideas. There are times when you just have to chuck all plans out the window, without thought or hesitation, and go where needed. Most of the weekend isn't mine to share. If you want the barest of details, then best check Sarah's entry.

I do have to mention, though, that we went out on Saturday evening to see Enter the Haggis. I'd heard of this band through Sarah, but had never heard them. I knew that there was at least a bagpipe and a fiddle involved, but other than that...? Nothing.

I was more than surprised. I was delighted. There was indeed a bagpipe, and a fiddle (with a very attractive guy playing said fiddle, I must add), but there was ever so much more. Simply put, Enter the Haggis is a very quirky rock band. The rather small pub was packed with people, but we managed to find seats, and I enjoyed the hell out of the music. Their energy was absolutely fantastic.

In fact, my only disappointment was that there was no room to dance. (And that we couldn't have been there under happier circumstances.)

The weekend had some other highlights, too, including some very good food, seven episodes of Firefly (which I'd never seen before, but which impressed me considerably), and, to wrap everything up, Sarah's second pro sale (woo!).

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