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Monday, March 15, 2004
The Balance of Silence Between Held Breaths
(Don't ask me; my fingers typed that one without my prior consent.)

Out of the semi-blue, I have a job interview on Thursday between my classes. Or something like a job interview. I think. Of course, my "job interview" shirt isn't here, not even in the wash. (Ah, the trials of having two closets over an hour's commute apart.) And since I get excited about these things--about the potential and the wonderful glittery futures--and then get thrown to the ground, I will instead be positive and open and amused by the workings of the Universe. Someone out there is amused, and right now I'm inclined to laugh with them.

The balance, of course, is that I'm still sick. Throat doesn't hurt, though it also doesn't not hurt (there's a lovely double negative for you), and something's settled in my chest. I have a rock pressing on my ribs, and my hand wants to reach for the Ventolin that I know won't help this asthmatic-sounding wheeze one bit.

"Ah," I said this morning in my throaty-sounding sick voice. "I see. I'm being tested." And proceeded to write the presentation that I have to give tomorrow afternoon.

In totally unrelated news, Enter the Haggis has a new video up on their site for one of the songs from the new album. Guess what I'm singing? Also, I managed to write the final scene of "Ohntai"--the final scene chronologically, I mean. Still have two and a half scenes to go. (Creeping, creeping, creeping...)

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