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Monday, March 01, 2004
Is This News?

My family has "discovered" that I have a blog. It wasn't exactly a secret before, though part of me wonders if this recent excitement is due to the fact that most of my relatives have no idea what a blog is and so never understood what I was talking about in the first place. (And I believed all that smiling and nodding.) But you phrase it as "website" and suddenly I'm news.

I do find it odd, though, to be kept up to date on who has read what post. It's a little unnerving, I have to admit, this enthusiastic scrutiny. And it's especially odd since if anyone phoned me and asked what was going on, I could give them the story with many of the details that I leave out here, for one reason or another. Ah, well.

This weekend ended up being something of an escape from routine, work and stress. Carly and I went out, and though my search for a cheap leather jacket was unsuccessful I did find an interesting coat for $10, which I bough and still need to wash. It amuses me, this large, flowing, slightly shapeless coat. Adventures continued in the evening and into the morning, watching Chisai Jackson play at Gorilla Monsoon, among other things. I was happy and not thinking about very much at all. A lovely change.

Missed most of the Oscars yesterday, due to taxes, driving, other TV shows and disinterest. Some years I will cheerfully watch the whole show from the mindless "who are you wearing?" beginning to the drawn out "wow, they're running long" end. This year I just couldn't muster much enthusiasm, despite all the LOTR fanaticism. In fact, LOTR and Finding Nemo are about the only nominated films I've seen, so it's hard to get excited about films that I know nothing about. Also, I really dislike Billy Crystal. I've never found that man funny, and the more I am exposed to his humour over the course of an evening, the less tolerant I become. Billy Crystal is right up there with Nathan Lane in my list of irritating, unfunny people.

So instead of waiting up anxiously to see the Best Feature Film award, I sat down in my quiet, dark room and wrote a bit more of "Ohntai." Progress is slow, glacially slow, but progress is progress. I think I added another 500 words or so. Maybe, just maybe, I can get this one finished in the next (last) 5 weeks of class. We shall see.

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