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Friday, March 26, 2004
It was such a gorgeous day today. Yes, it was overcast, and rained off and on throughout the day, but it was warm! The air felt soft and gentle, and I threw open all the windows and blinds to try and let as much of that air into the apartment as I possibly could. Sometimes I forget how much I love spring, when everything is new and waiting, and then all of a sudden becomes so vividly and shockingly green. (I may envy your temperatures, Floridians, but plants that see that much sunshine have forgotten how to be truly green.)

And though I was supposed to be chained to my desk and computer all afternoon, I just thought "Forget it" and put on my shoes and a light jacket and went out for a short run. In the rain, no less. And as I ran, singing to myself, I just could not stop smiling. Yes, there are essays and stresses and terrible things in the world, but it is warm outside, and rain feels so beautiful on my face.

There is a bird singing outside my window right now. It's dark now, almost black, and still there's a bird. I don't want to close my curtains. I don't want to forget how to be happy.

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