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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
The Nature of the Beast

Well, I've written about half of the 4000-word paper today. I should feel productive--after all, this puts me in very good shape to finish this essay on Friday, to write the other (shorter) paper due Tuesday this weekend, and then to get an exam written before Ad Astra. And yet ... the word count seems so slim, the hours so long. A combination of too many distractions and the tedious process of looking up bits of info, lines to quote and the like, I suppose.

Course, if I'd written those 2,309 words on "Ohntai" I'd be overjoyed right now. Perspective, me, perspective. I only have three scenes left, all at the beginning, and it's just not happening. No idea why. I feel like I'm scratching out sentences letter-by-letter in hardpacked dirt. I wonder if it's an indicator that I'm trying to do something wrong in those scenes (writing the info the wrong way? Starting the story too early? Too late? Writing a scene when a few lines would suffice?), or just the nature of the beast. I may have to start yelling at the thing again, see if that makes anything go.

But now I'm listening to the quiet singing of Sarah McLaughlan, and becoming sleepy, and thinking about curling up for a while to read. Not so long to go now. Not so long at all.

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