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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
A Sean Stewart Fangirl Moment

A few months ago I read in an issue of Locus that Kelly and Gavin at Small Beer Press had purchased the rights to Sean Stewart's next novel, A Perfect Circle, and would be publishing it by summer. This literally caused me to shout aloud in glee. I love, love, love Sean Stewart's work, and this novel has been lost in limbo for far too long. (It was, supposedly, going to be published by HarperCollins for a time. I know that there's a story in this; I just wish I knew what it was!) There's now a pre-order page up for the book, which you can get in either hardcover or trade paper. I opted for the trade paper, personally, due mainly to financial concerns, but I know that either will be gorgeous.

Small Beer will also be re-issuing Mockingbird, which is my absolute favourite of Stewart's novels. I keep threatening to make Sarah read this book (because she's only read the old, odd Sean Stewart novels, and thus has missed the joy). Course, others (*cough*M'ris*cough*) insist that Galveston is a better novel, so maybe I should push that at Sarah too. You know, just to be sure. If she's going to hate a book, shouldn't she be hating the best?

Today's project: write a paper about the Brontes. My stolen "three things per day" way of organizing myself has come to a screaming halt, not because of lack of motivation but rather because I'm down to just a few really big things. Task one: write a 4000 word paper. Do I really need a task two and three today? Really, one seems like enough for me to handle.

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