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Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Titles, Mutter, Mutter

My throat is so many kinds of sore right now that I just don't know what to do. Woke up with this sore throat, which is the odd kind that connects painfully to my right ear, and thought, "What the hell?" Came right out of nowhere. I'm fine, fine, fine, sick. So I figured I'd just ignore it and it would go away. Well, that didn't happen so I switched my plan to slam it with throat lozenges, zinc and tea. Again, no deal. It's driving me batty. I'm hungry but I can't swallow without wincing, and talking is becoming difficult. Goddamn. I don't need this right now, really I don't.


Have completed--or, rather, worked on--all three things on today's list, so am feeling happy with myself. Probably going to work for a bit more on "Ohntai" this evening. Let me tell you, this story had damn well better be good after all this work. Progress is slow, but any progress is good. I have from mid-beginning to the second last scene written, with sentences and paragraphs of everything but the final scene written. So: four more scenes to write, and then I have to totally rewrite the material I have for the opening scene, which is a cobbled-together bits of all the relevant earlier attempts at this story. That was actually an interesting moment: I was taking bits from "Ohntai 1" and "Ohntai 2" (abandoned draft attempts--I'm currently on 3, and 2 has become the catchall file) but there were bits I remembered writing and just couldn't find. Which is when I remembered its original code name, and went to ransack "Doors," "Doors 2" and "Doors 3." (Proving everything I've said earlier about how many times I have to start and re-start and re-start again a story before I can get the thing to work.)

This is all just cementing my belief that it's about time that I work on something longer. (This and the still-ongoing experience of writing "I Breathe.") It doesn't take much more effort to write a long scene than it does one of these incredibly short scenes, generally. More actually-typing time, of course, but not more writing time. I'm throwing so much of myself, so much time and effort and energy into what are very short works on the whole. I just hope that what I'm doing right now is worthwhile.

This isn't interesting to anyone but me, I realize. Sorry. Did I mention that my throat is really sore?

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