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Friday, March 05, 2004
The Universe and I

The Universe works in strange and interesting ways. I have always believed this, but to watch things unfolding and happening and interconnecting--sometimes all I can do is watch in wonder. And hope. And speak cryptically.

Snow has returned to Marissa and Minnesota, and the warmth has stayed here with me. This morning it was pouring with rain, absolutely pouring for hours, and it washed away the rest of the snow. I drove in for my weekly talk with Carole, and by the time I arrived at York the sky was a startling blue, everything damp and steaming, darkened by rain and bright in the sunlight. It was only on my way home that I realized that no matter where I looked, no matter how hard I squinted and peered into the distance, I could see no snow anywhere. Not anywhere! And this discovery was so fantastic that it actually made me laugh out loud in my car. So I turned up "Half Fast Jam" on the stereo and yelled "Go!" at the appropriate moment (my favourite moment in the song) and giggled all the way home.

It smells like spring and I'm grinning because there's so much potential.

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