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Friday, March 19, 2004
The Universe Works in Interesting Ways

A few days ago I mentioned that I had a job interview. And a little while before I was laughing, overjoyed at potential and the weird workings of the Universe. Finally I can tell the rest of the story.

A little while ago I agreed to do some volunteer work for Carole. She was running this program for people who wanted to apply for York's Teacher's Education degree program to help them with all aspects of their applications. Part Two was to have someone look over their 500-word personal statements and give some assistance with both phrasing and content. Usually they have Teacher's Ed students do this, but they were a few short, and knowing that I am a writer and ever so smart Carole asked if I'd help out. I was wary, but agreed.

I worked my way through the day's appointments (which is a story in itself, but one that I really shouldn't post on the internet), and then was just hanging out in the little office until my next class in case someone wanted to come by without an appointment. I was reading The Golden Compass, if memory serves, and eating some of those 5 dozen sugar cookies that I baked when a man came by and was introduced to me by one of the women who works for the college. He wanted to talk to people about working at York, the York community, et cetera, and even though I explained that I wasn't working, they were both convinced I was someone he should talk to. Okay then, I thought.

So please note this is a pretty random meeting. They happened to notice this little office with its door open, and me munching away on my sugar cookies, and that was that.

Well, the man and I ended up having a really interesting conversation in which a few key facts were mentioned, the three major ones being A) that I had a blog and knew about online communities, B) that I'm a published author, and C) that I'm graduating, poor and in need of a job. He became very excited about my being a writer and all, and mentioned that someone might need a writer for a new project, and so I gave him my name and contact info and then had to rush off to class.

Over the next few days, this man, who turned out to be a consultant working for the Vice President of the University, talked to both Carole and the Vice President herself about me. Carole mentioned this to me, and so the call I received on Monday about a job interview did not come entirely out of the blue.

Yesterday I went in, and similar to my interview for the Town, this was less of an interview and more of a "Hey, we're doing this cool stuff, want to work for us?" kind of chat. Apparently both the consultant and Carole said amazing thing about me, so I came highly recommended. It's incredible. The job is basically to research and write a project proposal, with the potential to continue on and work for either the same people or for other aspects of this project. It's short term work, of course, and at this point neither I nor the woman who hired me know how long this project will last, how many hours I'll be required to work nor how much I'll be paid. But I'm actually not worried about those issues--I just continue to be positive and trust in good things and wait to see what happens.

But I have a job, a writing job, all from a totally random meeting. Somehow it's all incredibly funny to me. The Universe is such a wild place.

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