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Thursday, March 25, 2004
Visiting Years Past

Today I went over to Atkinson to visit the people in the office where I used to work. Not entirely sure why I felt I had to go today, but I just got that sort of vibe, and trusting the vibe I went along. It's amazing how much things have changed there (people coming, going, changing offices...) and how much everything is exactly the same. The people coming up to the desk ask the same questions, and the phone rings, and the computer system goes down ... ah, Atkinson. Only two of the three people that I really wanted to see were there (the other is on vacation) but I had a good time getting the latest gossip and letting them know about my new job and all the rest.

Took a look at the file room (my file room!) and nearly fainted. All my hard work ... undone. The files are all half-on, half-off their shelves, and out of order, and the To Be Filed cart is literally overflowing onto the floor. Which is how it was before I got involved in the first place. Of course, I knew that everything would fall apart again eventually, but oh, how it hurt. I even started thinking, "Well, if the writing job's only part time, maybe on the days when you're on campus you could go over and work on these files. Paid, of course." And then I said to myself, "Have you totally lost your mind?" But I do like chatting with the people there, and hearing the gossip, and I could see working happily away on my files again (maybe with a CD player this time--a little ETH would really make the time fly).

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