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Saturday, March 06, 2004
W(h/r)ite Noise

Some people talk about particular stories having songs or soundtracks, and for the most part this has confused the hell out of me. Ditto "writing music." Writing? Music? The two seem mutually exclusive. How anyone could write fiction with music playing is almost beyond me.

And yet over the last little while I've started to understand. "I Breathe" came from Holly McNarland's song "Water," even though the story has grown so very, very far from that. And I have a story that has connected itself to a song that's on the radio right now, so now that whenever I hear that song and think about the story I find myself fighting tears (sometimes unsuccessfully). But I will not speak anymore about the uncreated.

See, the weird thing is that I've found that static helps me write "Ohntai." I discovered this completely by accident, having left my earphones on out of laziness while writing. Now, if there's music playing the apartment or the girls upstairs are vacuuming or I just can't get into the right headspace, I put on the earphones and crank up the volume enough that I can hear that hiss of nothingness playing through the speakers.

This says strange things about me, I think, and about the story (which is taking over my brain).

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