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Sunday, April 11, 2004
I'm visiting my family at New House for a few days for Easter, as is just about every relative who does not live at New House. I love my family and am having a very good time, though it is busy here. There's always two or more conversations happening at one time, and various people experiencing various illnesses, muscle pains, hunger or a thirst that must be dealt with right now! There's no time for writing or editing or anything of the sort. It is only now, as everyone else in the house (three dogs included) has gone to bed, that I have the time to post or answer email. And now I find that my eyes are so heavy that all I want to do is follow the trend and go to sleep.

I have been told a time or two that it's foolish to celebrate Easter when I'm not Christian. The name, honestly, does not matter to me. This is a time that I can be with my family, and bake, and eat good food. This is a time that I can be happy just to be around people who love me, people who love each other. I look forward to tomorrow morning when my cousins will get up bright and early and will bicker over what cereals to eat and who's going to pour the chocolate milk, and then will scurry around with overflowing excitement trying to find those 2+ pounds of chocolate eggs that are hidden all around this place (hopefully few being claimed by the three aforementioned dogs).

To my friends sprinkled all across this globe: I'm thinking of you. I raise a chocolate egg in your collective honour.

Goodnight, all.

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