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Saturday, April 24, 2004
Look, Ma--I Made Goo Pucks!

So we had some bananas that got too old to eat just sitting in the fruit bowl. And I happen to know a good recipe for banana muffins, so decided to do some baking this evening. However, it wasn't until I was adding the final ingredients that I realized that I only had about half the required amount of flour. At this point, it was nearly 10 PM and I had my dinner bubbling away on a pot on the stove (yes, that late) so I couldn't even run to the inconvenience store before it closed--if it hadn't already. (It's not the inconvenience store for nothing, after all.)

So, after looking at my bowl of mashed bananas, etc., for a little while, I just sort of said "ah, what the hell" and chucked them in the oven anyway. The results are ... goo pucks. It's not pretty. The outsides are brown. Very, very brown. Not burned, mind you, but definitely ... well cooked. The insides are absolute banana goo.

And now it's almost 11 PM and so there's definitely no one open who could sell me flour. I don't really know any of my neighbours well enough to ask to borrow some, and no matter how many times I look in the cupboard no flour magically appears. So now I have a choice: put the mix in the fridge and hope it keeps until tomorrow when I can buy more flour, or add random things from the kitchen and see what happens. More baking powder, perhaps? Bran muffin mix? Vanilla pudding powder? Maybe a bit of Jello?

Yeah ... that's what I thought, too.

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