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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Never Learn

I should have learned this by now: to never, ever say in a blog post that I'll post something "tomorrow," no matter how likely that event may seem. Despite my belief that I was going to be a good student and write an exam, then be a good blogger/SF fan and write and post my con report, I decided instead to be a very tired student/blogger/SF fan who slept until noon and then spent the afternoon reading Set This House In Order (which I absolutely love thus far), attacking the crazy ant infestation, and continuing to mourn the loss of the most gorgeous piece of clothing I think I've ever owned (and which died basically unworn). Started half-heartedly writing exam somewhere around 10 PM this evening, and as I type it isn't exactly finished. But it's due tomorrow afternoon so it'll happen. Somehow.

In the meantime, Sarah (despite being far more busy than my sleepy self) has written and posted her blog report, which is here, and it contains a lot of info about me, too. I still have some stories to tell, though, but we'll just have to see when those get written and posted. Sometime. It'll happen. Somehow.

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