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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Book Things

Finished up Lynn Flewelling's The Bone Doll's Twin, which I ended up enjoying after a rather faltering start. Numerous faltering starts, actually. But I was just starting to really care about the characters and what was going to happen to them when the book ended. The good news is that the sequel has already been published, so I just have to find myself a copy.

Started reading Sharon Shinn's Jenna Starborn today. I usually like Sharon Shinn's books, in that slightly guilty, fun book sort of way. But this one ... so far it's a big "meh." I know it's a retelling of Jane Eyre. Little details are changed, yes, but generally as I read I think, "Yep, this is Jane Eyre. But just not as interesting." It's not even that I know the plot or the ending or any of that. It feels as if she's sticking too closely to the original text and not letting these characters live and breathe and be their own people. It's just too self-aware. I had some hope that it would redeem itself, but that hope is quickly fading.

But it's okay because I went to the library this evening to pick up not one but three of the books that I'd ordered. I now have The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon (which they were going to send back because I haven't been able to get to the library for a bit), Sunshine by Robin McKinley and Slaughterhouse-Five. PLUS I have a copy of Julie's Survival. I don't know what to start reading next, and I love it!

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