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Sunday, May 30, 2004
People Say Nice Things About Me

(It does happen. No, seriously, it does.)

After following the link from E. L. Chen's site, I've discovered that "A Last Taste of Sweetness" is (mostly) favourably reviewed in Tangent Online. Woo! And yes, even though the end of the world has been done to death, I still quite like it. In a theoretical sense only, of course.

And Rich Horton (who mentioned "Drowned Men" in his Locus column) mentions me not once but twice in his articles for The Speculative Literature Foundation. "Drowned Men" again gets notice in the "other notable stories" section of his Strange Horizons review, and "She Is Elizabeth Lynn Rhodea" is mentioned as a highlight of the first issue of Flytrap.

Also, "Sweetness" is mentioned in half a sentence in the SF Site review of LCRW #13. It sort of made me go "huh?" but that's life.

All this has just reinforced my belief that I really need to do some writing/revisions, and get some stories in the mail. Really.

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