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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Post Birthday Post

So yesterday was my birthday. You know how people ask, "Feel any different?" Well, this year I kind of do. It's part of that whole transition from school to work and life and all that other lovely stuff, I'm sure. But I'm afraid I'm far too tired to get any more introspective than that at the moment.

My birthday-day was uneventful, gray and cool outside, and dull in the office. But after work was finished, I met up with Carly downtown to watch Troy and eat large quantities of chocolate-based snacks. What I'd heard about Troy ahead of time was true: you know how it ends, not much suspense, etc. But none of that mattered. We were there for Brad. Very attractive man in few clothes, with a sword: let me tell you, the sight is most definitely acceptable.

And I stayed up "late" (since when is after 11 PM late?!) reading Sunshine, knowing I'd regret it later (like today) but doing it anyway, because I could.

Our apartment is still the Birthday Apartment, though, complete with streamers and a wide variety of amusing, helium-filled balloons. I'm quite happy to leave it like this, too; every time I walk in the door it makes me smile.

Another fact that makes me smile: because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning, I don't have to get up until 6:45! Oh, the happiness! The extra hour of sleep!

Speaking of sleep ... sigh ...

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