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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Obligatory Political Commentary

The political experts predicted a Conservative majority government; the lord be praised, we got a Liberal minority instead. Which is not the big, shiny ideal government that I might envision for this country, but then my ideal is highly unlikely to become reality, nor would it likely match the big, shiny ideals of the rest of the country, but hey, it's something. (Anyone who knows me and knows anything about Canadian political parties does not have to think long to know who I vote for and why, but still, I will maintain some semblance of privacy.) So long as the Conservatives are not in control, I am content ... to a degree.

I’ll maintain some semblance of privacy, but not of impartiality. Conservatives, boo, hiss.

(For my Honourary Canadian friends: this means that Paul Martin is Prime Minister. He has been for a good handful of months now, though I'm not sure that the American media had yet caught on to this fact. He'll be here for a while, though, so remember that name.)

I watched some voting coverage on CBC last night, and was amused by Rick Mercer's commentary. (I have mentioned Mercer of This Hour Has 22 Minutes/Talking to Americans fame before, for those who are keeping tabs.) Responding to those who referred to voting as choosing between the lesser of three evils, he said (and I paraphrase), "It's very important that the lesser of the three evils wins. The last thing we need is the biggest evil running the country." Except that he said it with an East Coast accent.

I am, unfortunately, not nearly as versed in the complexities of the current political situation as I'd like to be. Somehow, in the list of things to do, staying aware of current events has become far from the top of the list of priorities. But, as newspapers are free here at York, I really should get around to changing that.

To which my brain, thinking of my teetering stack of library books, Book Expo books, books borrowed from friends and old copies of New Scientist, says, "Yeah, right. Just what I need: more to read."

Reading whatever I want to read should really be my full time job. That and writing. You know anyone who will pay me to do that?

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Hey, we heard when Paul Martin became prime minister. NPR devoted nearly ten seconds to it.


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