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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

So there's this little Post-it note that's been stuck to the bottom of my computer monitor here at work for almost two weeks now. It's to remind me that we're having (of all things) a Tupperware party. Now I realize that this might sound slightly ridiculous, but I've been looking forward to this since I first heard about it. I mean, yeah, sure, Tupperware--it's not that I really need any kitchen storage containers or utensils, especially not at that price, but ... still. It sounds fun in a "I'm only doing this once in my life" sort of way. And when else will I ever have the opportunity to take part in a Tupperware party?

Actually, the Post-it note reads: Tupperware party --> bring lunch! June 15.

And I realize: today is June 15. And I did not bring lunch, I bought myself a bagel instead because I slept almost 40 minutes too long this morning. That noise I heard from down the hall a bit over two hours ago? Yeah. That was the party.

Stupid Post-it note. I just wish that someone had thought to remind me.

Update, 4:11 PM: Stupid Post-it note indeed. It should have read, JULY 15. So there's still a party for me to go to. Watch out, Career Centre staff, the egg seperators will be mine!

As for the loudness around lunch ... I have no explanations. After all, I worked right through it.

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