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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
More Kittens!

The kitten tally at New House has risen to three.  Though I haven't yet seen him, apparently my parents managed to find the last little kitten.  Apparently, my father just happened to look out the window as the little kitten was running by.  He and my mother rushed out intending to corner him, but my mother was able to just walk over and pick him up, and he started purring immediately. He's been named Morgan.

I'm so, so happy that they managed to find him--and that he's alive after a week outside alone. Apparently all he did for a while was drink and eat and rest, and his little voice was so hoarse that he could only squeak.  But he's been getting better, and now is apparently an affectionate, active little thing.

All three have been to the vet, and are healthy kittens--especially considering their somewhat rocky beginning. And the dogs are getting use to them, and vice versa; Lindy reports that they've had to wash Morgan once already just to get rid of all the dog drool from the vigourous licking that Emma gave him. (And anyone who has met a lab knows how much they can drool.) I'll try to put up a picture of them when I have one.

But here's the thing: we cannot have three cats and two dogs. This is what I've been told. And since Max (whose gender has been confirmed as female) gets along least well with Emma and Tia, the decision is that we need to find a new home for her. So, does anyone out there want a kitten? She is sweet and active and has somehow gained a liking to sitting on people's shoulders. She purrs like a little motorboat, and spins around trying to eat her own tail. If you're somewhere in southern Ontario I'd be happy to try and find a way to bring her to you--anything to make sure that she has a good home.

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