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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Happy Thoughts

I'm in a pretty down mood today, thanks to continued sickness of various kinds and tiredness. I stayed home and felt yucky and irritable. And Toronto Hydro overcharged me by $300, an amount I don't have to spare. Plus, the neighbours cut down just about every tree and bush on their property, meaning that all the lovely foliage and branches that were giving shade to the deck and shielding the apartment windows from the view of everyone who walks by are gone, gone, gone. Every time I look out the window now, I see a brick wall. Not pleased.

So, to follow Mrissa's example, things that I am happy for today:

- Finding the can opener. It was where it was supposed to be ... sort of. This means that I can stop using a hammer and screw to open all my canned goods. (A technique that doesn't work particularly well, I discovered.)

- Having a three hour nap this afternoon. If it didn't make me feel less irritable, at least I no longer am at risk of falling asleep in public places. Or at work.

- The fact that the weather is actually supposed to be warm tomorrow. This means I can have lunch outside! Also, I can wear something that looks nice, including my sparkly flip-flops, and not freeze to death.

- I don't have to make dinner this evening. Whew.

- Olympic goodness. Women's track cycling gold, men's 3m springboard silver. Somewhat surprisingly, these track cycling races proved to be quite interesting--moment of stress/excitement that remind me of the goodness that is short track speedskating. I've also apparently watched enough diving coverage to know when a dive is good, sort of good or bad--even before the commentator can tell me that it's a miss (or, her new favourite "a bit of a miss.") Also, Brian Williams continues to be amusing.

- I am going to take some days of vacation, soon, soon, soon. A reason to look forward to September!

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