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Friday, September 03, 2004
I'm one of the few people who's not at Worldcon--not that you can tell from my lack of updates.

Recently, the time that I'm actually home and at my computer I've been choosing to write fiction instead of blog. Though I hate leaving the site so static, I know that in the long run I'll be far happier to have completed stories than an updated website. Over the last week or so I've written more words on "The Ghosts of Water" (which I'm coming to truly, truly love the way I love few stories), a small handful more on the novel, and the start of a story I'm calling "Safe Passage." I also figured out how to fix "Ohntai" (whenever it comes home to me): one opening scene instead of three. Cut the boring stuff as it is, by defnition, boring. It sounds obvious now, sure, but this realization came like a light from the heavens.

In other news:
- mice discovered the hole into the cupboard and, as a consequence, ate all the cereal.
- work has been entertaining, if somewhat hectic. I do worry, though, about sharing my space with some of the 14 (!!) incoming work/study students. The next few weeks will be interesting, I'm betting.
- something ugly happened to my apartment which I cannot share as it's unique enough to allow crazy stalkers, should they ever appear, to find me.
- I've been eating too many apple fritters.

Off to the cottage for the long weekend (oh blessed three-day weekend) and then my nice two-day vacation. I am going to sleep and sleep and sleep, and perhaps play with kittens, until I feel like myself again.

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