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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Story Corps

I love this idea. People go into a booth and interview a friend or relative or other loved one for 50 minutes and get a recorded CD at the end of it. Then little snippets of these conversations are put online.

They're just little stories, snippets of stories, slices of lives with all the fumbling speech left in. Yet I find them fascinating and beautiful and somehow deeply compelling. I wish I could be more articulate than this, right now, but the only thing I keep hearing is that line that starts Anthony D'Andrea's story to his daughters ("I was born on August the 24th, 1930, and my mother said that the churchbells were ringing.") and the sound of Phyllis Johnson's voice as she tells of the dying woman she held in her arms on the night she made her first arrest.

Just listen.

(Update: Apologies for my terrible blogging etiquette. I found this link on Helen Barrett's ePortfolio blog ... which is why I stumbled across it at work.)

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