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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Wow, and Yay, and OMG

1. Woo, go SpaceShipOne! Go streaming webcast that actually works! Go me in an almost-empty office!

Though I have to admit, the webcaster nearly gave me a heart attack by saying "Oh no, oh no," when SpaceShipOne started to roll at high altitudes. M'ris and I have discussed this a few times, and I have rambled about it here on at least one occasion: the Challenger explosion was a defining moment for me and for many people of anywhere near my age. One cannot be a space geek of this generation and not be affected by the words "oh no" when uttered during a launch of a spacecraft.

But it was good, everything is and was okay, and he landed safely. Least productive morning for me in a long time, I admit, but I'm now feeling happy and more than willing to work, so it all works out okay in the end.

2. Summoned to Destiny is coming out. Copies have already been sold at one of Julie's signings in Vancouver--better yet, they totally sold out! I've seen pictures of a display of the books (the ones that later sold out), and a picture of someone holding a bag that contains a copy of the book that s/he had bought, but no actual books. Soon, soon.

The news that came in just as the book was going to the printer was that Summoned is no longer a hardcover. This made me sad, I admit--I was so excited about that aspect. But it's a lovely trade paperback now, with a less complicated release schedule, and is still absolutely gorgeous--or so I understand. Contributor's copies, where are you?

3. I'm going to World Fantasy Con at the end of October. How on earth did this happen?

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