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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Random Autumnal Thinking

I knew it was fall, and I know what fall means, namely pretty colours and a certain smell in the air and the creeping onset of dreadful coldness that won't leave me along for another six months if I'm lucky. It is October; this is what October means. Yet I'd been spoiled by the unseasonal warmth--a warmth of an extra four or five degrees only, but one I was greatly thankful for nonetheless--and the bright sun that let me spend a few more lunch hours outside, warm and content. I was still waiting, I realize, for summer to come, for the opportunity to wear shorts and cool shirts to arise, and it was only over the last few days that I've realized that no, that’s not going to happen.

This morning I lay in bed dozing for far longer than I should have, simply because it was so lovely soft and warm in my bed and so dreadfully cold outside of it. The chattering radio DJs announced quite cheerfully and on more than one occasion that it was five degrees outside, five degrees! And an hour or so later when I actually went outside, indeed, it couldn't have been much warmer. My hands froze and shivered against the steering wheel. I wore my woolen fall coat today, luckily, and thought I'd just keep it on for a moment or two longer once I'd reached work, just until I warmed up.

I'm still wearing it.

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