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Sunday, October 17, 2004
random thoughts

It's funny to discover I've written almost 4,000 words in the current draft of a story that I feel I haven't begun--and, worse, am afraid is doomed to failure. Bagpipes, mutter, mutter.

Also, I need to question my subconsicous about whether or not I'm stealing ideas from Sean Stewart's Perfect Circle. I love Sean Stewart, but stealing ideas? Not so much.

Friday I thought to myself, "What my site needs is an RSS feed." This startled me, as about two weeks ago I didn't even know what an RSS feed was. (My geekiness does not swing towards computer geekiness, I'm afraid--which is too bad, as computer geekiness can be a very functional form of geek.) But, thanks to various things, I have an Atom feed instead. Good enough.

Also: fixed problems with the commenting feature. One of these days I'll fix everything ... and then it'll be time for a redesign.

Note to self: you made yourself promise to write story, then blog entries. Stop listing crap. And if you have to blog, why don't you write the entry about the incredible launch, hmm? Wouldn't that be more productive?

Reply to self: oh, shut up. You're the one who keeps watching Knight Rider instead of being productive. Get writing or Summoned will be the last book you'll be in, get it?

I'm so inspiring.

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