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Thursday, November 04, 2004
All Sorts of Incredible

Not going to say anything about the election; even thinking about it makes me feel so damned tired. I will only say this: to my American friends--especially those who've discussed this with me earlier--you are welcome to stay with me while you find a new place to live.

Still busy, still jetlagged, still not sleeping properly, but good things are definitely happening. Take yesterday, for instance. Sarah (and lord only knows how she does this, and so very often) won tickets to go see a preview screening of The Incredibles. This was a movie that she really wanted to see; me ... not as much. But hey, free tickets. And so I went.

I surprised myself by not only liking, but absolutely loving this movie. I've enjoyed other Pixar movies--clever, fun, well-written--but something about this one just grabbed me. It's all those things I said, but more; at one part I laughed so hard that I couldn't see the movie screen, and at least twice something happened that made me nearly jump out of my seat. (Course, I am a shockingly jumpy person...)

Of course, my true love is always those slightly indescribable pieces; things that are subtle and resonant and elegant. But in this film, things blow up, and get sucked into jet engines, and people have cool superhero powers. It made me laugh. It's all about variety.

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I loved The Incredibles. I wanted to sit there again and watch the whole thing over. What surprised me is that I went in expecting to like, even love the movie (I'm a long-time Pixar fan)... which usually sets me up for disappointment. Instead, I found myself surprised at how much more I liked it than I expected to!

Enough gushing. Glad you enjoyed it to. :)

By Blogger Beth Adele, at 11:36 AM  

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