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Thursday, November 11, 2004
I Get High on My Attitude, Latitude

You probably don’t want to read R.E.M. concert report #4, I’m guessing, because certain things are always the same: I have a great time, feel happy and uplifted listening to the music, don’t eat a good dinner, only get a few hours sleep and post something rambling with a silly lyric-based title. I gave you the title; assume the rest.

What was different this time: they played at the Hummingbird Centre (for those who aren’t locals, this is the same place where they hold operas and the ballet and similar things) so the tickets were expensive and the acoustics were incredible. Michael Stipe was displeased at The Incredibles for stealing his look (and the moment he said it, I realized it was true—if not the stealing, then at least the similarity). The opening act was a guy named Joseph Arthur, who I’d never heard of, who looked kind of scruffy, and who thoroughly impressed me. One guy, one guitar and by recording and looping bits that he played, he created these complex, layered songs, some of which I really enjoyed. But also we must remember that I’m easily impressed by musical ability; a case of me greatly respecting that which I lack.

And since I’m not posting a concert report, that is all.

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