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Friday, November 12, 2004
An Open Letter to the Work Previously Known as "the Bagpipe Story"

Dear Story,

I understand that you’re one of those “difficult children” that I must sometimes deal with. I also understand that the related pressures of a quickly-approaching deadline, your being set in a real location, and seemingly everyone I know not only knowing about your (continued lack of) existence but also inquiring about your progress, plot and motivations are making things difficult.

I truly believe that you could be a great story, or at least a quirky, enjoyable little story; but, if needed, you will simply be a completed story. I am fast running out of compassion and patience. This will be better for the both of us if you just pick one plot, one voice and one tense and stick with it. (Or, if not, make your bizarre stylistic intentions obvious so that I may gleefully work with them instead of deleting yet more text.) Otherwise I fear we’re going to have a pretty terrible weekend.

Hope we can work everything out.

Love, your frustrated author,

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