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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Got a phone call from my parents last night. They'd taken Tia to the vet, and it seems that the problems that she was having with her tonsils this past week was actually a very aggresive form of canine lymphoma. They told me about the options, which are few. She could have chemo, but the best we could hope for was a remission of about six months to maybe a year, then it'd be back. Because she is such a young dog--she's not even four yet--and because of how incredibly quickly it appeared, the chances of her responding at all positively to treatment are very slim. It's more likely to just make her very ill in the time that she has left.

So my puppy has about four to six weeks left to live. She's happy and lively right now, but will apparently start becoming noticeably ill quite soon. She'll probably die sometime when I'm home for Christmas.

I'm really tired of bad news. It seems that that's all I'm hearing these days from friends, all I'm hearing myself. Right now I just feel really tired, and really sad. And there's nothing that I can do about any of it.

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I'm so sorry. What horrible news.

I'm glad at least you'll be able to be with her near the end. Take good care of yourself and her.

Best wishes,

Stephanie Burgis

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