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Thursday, December 09, 2004
Karina @ Work

I am now blogging for work: ePortfolio @ York is a blog to basically document and reflect on the "planning, process and progress of ePortfolio development at York University and beyond." Or, in other words, "Karina writes about what she does all day."

I'm really happy that I have such enthusiastic support for this blogging project from by boss as well as from others in the Career Centre and the Faculties that we work with. Education and blogging is an interesting thing; there are such amazing applications for the technology in the educational sphere, and both excitement and extreme reluctance surrounding these applications. (One of the big events covered in many of the blogs that I read for work was when James Farmer was asked by his university to stop supporting blogging technology over their course management system, Or Else.) So I'm very pleased to have the backing to do this project--even if it does mean that I need to be more careful (and proofread a dozen more times) when posting.

Non-work-related posts coming soon. Speaking of which--back to work.

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