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Sunday, January 16, 2005
Home, Digital and Otherwise

I think that these things work in patterns--blogging, I mean, or journalling, or LJing, or whatever it is you'd like to call this process of putting words online in reverse chronological order. A pattern like a tide, perhaps; ebb and flow, absence and returning and flood.

I've been reading a lot about blogs these last few months--a lot, a lot, a lot. Not just reading blogs, but about them, theoretically and otherwise; so much so, that I start to wonder that if/when I do a Master's degree, perhaps it should somehow be about blogging. The Cluetrain Manifesto was exciting enough to almost make me giddy, more than one person at my office now refers to me as "The Blogger," and I've spent literally hours writing and refining the text that goes in the work blog and other blogs' comments.

And yet I just tap away here, little hellos every week or two, random comments about stories still unfinished and events that I'll forget in a few days anyway. I think what it is--beyond a choice between fiction (writing and reading) and yet more internet time--is a disconnect between the shape of this space and what I need it to say. Long term I'm pondering a total redesign of the blog and webpage (because really, shouldn't I be beyond saying that I'm a student at this point?). I'm also thinking about getting a proper domain, something that becomes more important as I remember that this Rogers webspace might vanish out from under my digital feet in a few weeks. We shall see.

Anyway, anyway: am I going anywhere with this? Not particularly. Typing as I think, is all.

Just finished Elizabeth Bear's Hammered, which I really enjoyed--and, like M'ris, am happy that there is someone out there who can write books like this for me to enjoy, because I know I'll never be able to write anything remotely similar. It was fun, too, to have a book that was at least partially set in the places I think of as "home." Ontario! Toronto! Bloor West! Internet!

Also, I think, a sign that I need to work on the bagpipe/Kincardine story some more/again/still, as it's an enjoyable thrill to see the places I know (however changed) looking back at me from the page, even if it's a page that I've written.

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Talking about patterns I have just finished Christopher Alexander's first volume - The Nature of Order. He is the advocate of the idea of an underlying set of patterns that form life.

Great SF surely creates a "true" sense of a world and hence life itself.

Who better than Kim Stanley Robinson?

By Blogger Rob, at 7:16 PM  

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