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Saturday, February 26, 2005
This site will self destruct in five ... four ... three ...

Rogers Cable is the devil. I'd say that you heard it here first, but those of you who know me in person have probably heard this very statement from me on more than one occasion. This is because it is true.

Rogers Cable will be removing this website and all of its contents in a matter of days. They would like me to host my site on Geocities instead, and send me letters to this effect written in a falsely upbeat tone containing lots of exclamation points. I am not one to be swayed by punctuation.

So, here's the plan. One day, perhaps soon, I will have my own domain. I'll try to make it something obvious. In the mean time, the blog/journal will be in two places: one, my livejournal account, and two, something on blogspot. I'm guessing ksumnersmith.blogspot.com but since I haven't yet attempted to have this address, there are really no guarantees.

Isn't uncertainty fun?

See you ... somewhere. I hope.

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