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Thursday, March 17, 2005
Pondering Awards

It occurred to me recently that Summoned to Destiny is a pro publication with a print run of over 10,000 and so that distracting ticking sound that I heard in the background these past months must have been my Campbell clock running. Who knew? Well, I should have. Lazy writer. Foolish writer.

Course, no sooner do I go to investigate what to do with this lovely eligibility than I read about the new Campbell rules that have made online publications eligible. Which means that publication in Strange Horizons now makes an author eligible for the Campbell. "Drowned Men Can't Have Kids" was published in 2003. Which, according to these new rules, means that as of a week or so ago my Campbell eligibility is officially over.

"Ack!" I said. "Alas! Alack!" (Or words to that effect.) But, further reading led me to discover this line: "Interaction's Hugo Award Administrators are trying hard to ensure that writers are not disadvantaged by the change. Because these revised rule interpretations are being publicized with relatively short notice, we will accept nominations under both the old and new eligibility criteria."

Whew! Of course, if I'm going by old rules then that means that "Drowned Men" won't be listed as an eligible story at all, but since that was what I was assuming until very, very recently, it's not much of a disappointment.

I've also been filling out my Aurora Award nomination form the past couple of days. This should be quite easy, but I discovered that I've read very few of the eligible short stories and am not entirely sure which of the short stories that I have read should be nominated. I have one more short fiction slot open, so if you know a good eligible short story, please do let me know. (And no, I'm not nominating myself. It's not even temping. Just seems too ... tacky. But if you'd like to nominate me, well, I wouldn't have a problem with that at all.)

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