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Sunday, April 03, 2005
Two Questions

Writing. Writing, writing, writing. Deadlines (they are now two) approach, and so I'm scurrying to come up with ideas, scenes, sentences. I've happily hacked two entire subplots from the bagpipe story (good riddance!), and come up with a seemingly-cool new story in which the character is alone and locked in a basement for the entire narrative. I've often said that I love to write stories (or scenes) in which nothing actually happens, and seem to be proving myself right time and time again. Question is: will people who read the story be as interested as I am? We shall see.

So, as I'm officially writing away, I have of course been reading blogs, and in my reading discovered that Tim Pratt has posted the art for the cover of the next issue of Flytrap, and the art contains a nice chunk of text from my Flytrap story, "She Is Elizabeth Lynn Rhodea." I knew that this was going to be the case--Heather asked for my permission--but entirely forgot about it until this very moment. Question is: is the tentacled monster more interested in the fly or my story? As I have no plans to discuss this issue with a tentacled monster, we shall not see, but will rather leave this as something of an academic question.

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