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Friday, May 06, 2005
A Random List of Four Things

About two weeks ago, I thought to myself, I'll update the blog when I'm feeling better. Somehow, one does not feel particularly chatty when curled up in bed with a nasty cold. Yet right now, so many days later, I am still sick, still having intermittent problems with my voice, still snozzly and all the rest. So, here are a few random happenings that should probably have their own entries but won't get them because I have a story to write, dammit:

1. My car got a flat tire. Luckily, it happened just as I was approaching and then pulling into my driveway. Not so luckily ... well, it was a flat tire. What more bad luck do I need?

I, however, am not the sort of girl who likes feeling helpless. So, though it was cold outside and approaching evening, I bloody well changed the tire. And yes, getting the tire actually off the car required my full body weight plus some jumping, and yes, I really didn't need to take apart that bit of my car to get at the jack, but I have thus proven that I am a girl who will not be lost and helpless at the side of the road one day, waiting oh-so-anxiously for male help. No--I will fix the tire, even if I am wearing something ridiculous; yes, even if I have to ruin pantyhose or get a skirt muddy in the process.

2. I took some time of work because of the aforementioned illness. Then, exactly one week later, the same illness required of me more days off work. While not fond of illness, I did read Michelle's The Broken Crown in its entirety, so that says a lot about the kind of reading time I had on my hands. Delightful.

3. I went to see the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and deemed it to be entertaining enough. I've only read the book of that title once, and a good handful of years ago at that; and so while I know that the experts and purists and other fans can find more difficulties than I, this movie version did manage to hit on all the key elements that I remembered: mice, 42, towels, end of the world, etc. Thus, I was satisfied.

Though, I must admit, my favourite part of the evening was leaving the theatre complex surrounded by people, my friends, all of whom were singing (and loudly at that) "So Long, And Thanks for All the Fish." Ah, I thought to myself. My people. And had I anything resembling a voice at the time, I think I would have joined them.

4. The bagpipe story is due in less than two weeks. It is every bit as painful to write as it has ever been. Lord help me, if this story sucks, is the terrible basement-story that I fear it may be, then I am quite simply screwed. I might have written "An End to All Things" in four days, but I see no replacement story leaping up in this case to save my sorry self.

So, bagpipe story: be good. Or else.

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