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Saturday, May 28, 2005
Welcome to Unemployment

Well, that's it. My contract with the Career Centre has ended, as has my five-year run at York University. My work-related belongings are sitting in a crate on the floor and my goodbye card is propped up on top of the printer.

Everything considered, yesterday was a good day: not only did I have a fantastic going-away potluck consisting entirely of snacks and desserts ("Did you all notice that I rather like snacks?" I said, laughing, upon seeing the spread) and a very good final conversation with my now-former boss, but I also spent the evening out with a group of my now-former co-workers, drinking and generally having a hilarious time.

I admit, I am rather sad that that's it, that I'm leaving -- have left -- but happy, too. These next few months promise to be good ones, with most excellent opportunities to catch up on my reading, write like there's no tomorrow, spend time at the cottage, visit with friends and, of course, go to Europe. I've spent most of today in an exhausted sleep, but when I wake I can only think of the good things to come, and it makes me smile.

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