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Sunday, August 28, 2005
A Glimpse of Pompeii

One of the first places we visited on this Sumner-Smith/Schnepf family vacation extravaganza, Pompeii remained one of the absolute highlights of the trip. I never knew -- imagined -- that it was so massive (in two hours we only saw a tiny fraction of the town, and there's about a quarter still to be excavated), or that so much of the place remained unbroken, untouched, and as undamaged as something can be when surviving almost 2000 years in ash and rock.

But, as I spent the day at the Renn Faire in Hamilton, and as the jet lag delay has me believing that it is far past time to be asleep, in lieu of real content here's a picture of me in a Pompeiian back alley:

That look on my face, that dazed and incredulous smile? Yep, stayed plastered there the entire time.

Posted by Karina Sumner-Smith at 12:14 AM


2000 years, eh? What a mind-bender...looks amazing, too.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 2:11 PM  

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